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JAVA Project  Master of Mancala

Master of Mancala is a group project for Object Oriented Design at San Jose State University. It was written collaboratively by myself and two other developers. It was an interesting project to see bloom from it's early stages of UML Class and Case Diagrams through polishing out the front end, and has only fueled a greater desire to develop great games and applications in the near future!

Program design, JAVA Swing, OOP, Image Rendering, Communication and Presentation

Master of Mancala Download

Webdesign last work Webdesign last work

Web Project  AnkList.com

The ANK List is an on-going work that began as a PHP/SQL project. It has been useful for educational purposes, and as a sandbox to test new code upon. The idea behind this site is that upon log-in new feeds and links may be updated from anywhere. I plan to work-in search functionality and user profiles to segregate lists for different things such as coding, hobbies, and interests. Users will be able to quickly and easily share lists of feeds or links with friends and colleagues to provide a personally customized resource base for their perusal. It may also be adapted to provide a safe browsing resource for children to explore the internet from.

Webdesign, PHP, CSS2, customized SQL DB, administrative log-in

The ANK List Visit Site

Webdesign last work Webdesign last work
Hungry Zombie

ActionScript 3.0 Project Hungry Zombie

I have dabbled in game architecture using JAVA, and wanted to learn ActionScript 3.0 as it follows very similar OO programming syntax and styles. The result was a zombie crunch game, and I have been having a lot of fun working on it! The original idea was a complex RPG style game... yet once I had a movement system I decided to keep my goals simple and 'flesh' out Hungry Zombie. I used class-based AS 3.0 programming to produce this game. To those brave enough to get a score of 300+, you may find your zombie in perpetual brain eating mode. Congratulations, and my apologies for the racket! (03/15/12 - Bug Fixes Complete!)

Rules: Click on the start button and use the keyboard arrow keys to move.
Only one brain is suitable for consumption per batch so find it! Brains bloat you, and you will grow when bloat reaches 3. Avoid the side walls or you will get trapped! (known issue)

Action Script 3.0 (OOP, game mechanics), Photoshop, and Flash (sprite animation)

Hungry Zombie Play

My Tech. Courses:  Through Spring, 2014

  • Operating Systems
    Operating systems history, implementation, and optimization, memory, process, threading, scheduling, etc...
  • Formal Languages and Computability
    Proofs and modeling of abstract languages on a symbolic level, recusive analysis, reduction, REGEX syntax, etc...

Completed Courses:

  • Software Engineering
  • Design documentation for a semester-long project using AGILE. This included budget considerations/documentation, scrums and meetings with group and client, and many presentations.
  • Technical Writing
    Technical documentation, AGILE, group rapport and analyzing roles, social networking, group project with presentation.
  • Programming Paradigms Javascript, js.node, Guile, Scheme, Smalltalk/Pharo, language conceptuals and implementation, bootstrapping, functional languages versus oop, scope and extent, and more.
  • Algorithms and Data Structures:
    Advanced tree structures, directed and undirected graphs, advanced searching and sorting techniques, priority queues and heaps, dictionaries, and mathematical tools and techniques (recursion, recurrence relations) useful for the design and analysis of data structures and algorithms.
  • Object Oriented Design:
    Program design approaches, CRC Cards, Class/Case Diagrams (UML), patterns, team Mancala project, Swing, OOP, Inheritence, Polymorphism, Generics, Multithreading, JAVA.
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture:
    The evolution of computer architecture and the factors influencing the design of hardware and software elements of computer systems. The interrelationship and interaction of various parts of computer systems, digital logic, instruction sets, processing and control units, hardwired and micro-programmed control units, buses, input-output, arithmetic and logic processing, memory system hierarchies, and virtual memory.
  • Discrete Math:
    Sets, logic, methods of proof including mathematical induction, functions, relations, elementary combinatorics, probability, Boolean algebras.
  • Calculus I, II, III:
    Continuity, differentiation, applications of integration, sequences, series, representation in dimensions higher than R2, vectors, dot/cross products, translation.
  • Programming in Java:
    Comprehensive university JAVA programming course
  • Introduction to Computer Systems:
    Instruction sets, assembly language, assemblers, linkers, loaders, data representation, manipulation, interrupts, pointers, function calls, argument passing.
  • Computer Science I: JAVA
  • Computer Science II: JAVA
  • Computer Science III: JAVA - Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Computer Science I: C++
  • Computer Science II: C++
  • PHP: In-Depth - PHP/SQL
  • Oracle SQL
  • Introduction to UNIX/Linux
  • Orientation to Computer Science
  • Operating Environments
  • Software Applications: XHTML

Cumulative GPA:  3.4